Yoga Burn Review | Is it Really RIGHT For You?

When it comes to shedding weight, we all think of spending numerous hours in the gym and working out our ass off, following a strict and boring diet chart, and whatnot. But wait! The internet is overflowing with websites claiming to come up with different secrets to weight loss. One of them is YOGA BURN. It is solely based on YOGA. Let’s find out more about it in this article Yoga Burn Review.

What is yoga burn?

Yoga burn is a 12-week weight loss and body-shaping program designed specifically for women by ZOE BRAY- COTTON. It’s a digital and downloadable weight program that you can practice while staying in your own home.

Yoga Burn - Effective Method to Burn Fat by Zoe Bray-Cotton

You can either buy a DVD or can get a digital copy. Its price keeps fluctuating with time. Sometimes it’s priced at $67 and the other day you can get this at $37 only plus the shipping and handling charges.

You have no need to go to those boring yoga classes daily which never made any reasonable impact on your body fat. It’s the one and the only program with the very best of Yoga and Fitness collide to deliver women the results they want to see in their body.

Read this article first before buying this product in this yoga burn review.

Let’s find out who ZOE BRAYCOTTON is?

Zoe Bray-Cotton is an internationally certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. She is a female transformation coach for over 1 million women around the globe. She is the creator of the world-wide famous amazing and worthy body shaping programs such as Yoga Burn, as well as Yoga burn Facebook and Instagram community.

Does She Provide Any Guarantee?

Absolutely yes, she provides a 100% money-back guarantee for 60days from your purchase. If you’re not fully satisfied with the program or your results or the experience then you’re free to let her know about the trouble and you will get your whole amount back in your account. If you’ve purchased the physical version of the program and you may return it and the whole refund will be instantly issued by them( excluding the shipping and handling charges).

How Does Yoga Burn Works?

Yoga to Lose Weight for Beginners
Yoga to Lose Weight for Beginners

The key ingredient of the world-famous Yoga Burn program is the Dynamic Sequence. Dynamic sequencing is the training that allows you to perform each movement/task effectively and efficiently.

When your body starts getting used to it, the challenges increases resulting in your overall improvement and your increment in your tolerance power. It forces your body to adapt to changes in your workout and of course for the better.

The way to succeed in getting a perfectly slim and fit body is the right approach, starting with the little and then progressively take it to the higher level is the most proven effective strategy. You feel more positive in yourself when you look better.

The three phrases program is made up of a different set of video series to ensure that you and your body doesn’t get bored by practicing the same yoga again and again or hit a plateau. You can practice the video anywhere and anytime. Each video is 45 mins long.

It is advised to complete at least 3 videos in a week. It also contains bonus videos in between and Zoe recommends not to skip the bonus videos as it targets your emotional health and wellness, encourages your self-confidence.

She also emphasizes being self-confident and happy as these are the most interesting and necessary things to be.

next, you will know “What’s Inside The 3 – Phrases Program?” in this yoga burn review article.

What’s Inside The 3 – Phrases Program?

As mentioned above, the 3 phrases program is very well designed and built in a way that it gradually increases the toughness of the workout and challenges our body to perform the best of it. The three phrases are mentioned below, have a look.

  • FOUNDATIONAL FLOW The very first phrase is called the Foundational flow. As the name suggest it acts as a base. It is the building block of the programme. In the first four week, what you will be learning is the foundation of yoga practicing and that too in a very fun manner. She teaches how to build a connection between the body and the mind before the lesson become more intense. She suggests focusing on this lesson as it will be helpful in the further lessons.
  • TRANSITIONAL FLOW – This stage exactly do what the name suggests. Things starts getting warmed up from here. It helps you to burn more calories than before and encourages your heart rate. Every video in this phrase is designed in such a way that it focuses on different muscles group. It includes 3 workout videos belonging to upper body workout, lower body workout and core each. She says that it’s a like a moving mediation your mind will not get enough time to we move from one pose to another in a subtle and flowy manner.
  • MASTERY FLOW – In this phrase, things get combined. It’s times to level up the things that you’ve learned yet. She will take the workout to the next level to increase your metabolism rate to the next level and you will be getting a body that you’ve dreamt of every day. Every pose will have more repetitions to cut down the fatigue and to encourage your muscles. You will be getting the desired hourglass shape after this phrase and your weightloss journey will go in the right direction with this phrase.

Wondering if it TOO HARD FOR YOU?

Let’s find out!

The Yoga Burn program is designed in such a way that it will suit all women of different Fitness levels. It’s created by keeping in mind about the beginners too. Although, the dynamic sequencing is the technique of taking the workout from the very basic to the very next level in a very detailed way ensuring that every pose and movement is well understood by the consumer.

Zoe says that she has included a detailed video for how to execute every pose/movement. If you still find the movement challenging, then she suggest some modifications that you can use to execute according to your current fitness level.

next, you will know “In What Ways Yoga Burn Is Different From Other Yoga Classes” in this yoga burn review article.

In What Ways Yoga Burn Is Different From Other Yoga Classes

Do you really need an answer for this? You no more have to face the hassle of going to the gym/yoga classes by passing through those stuck traffics and finding an affordable yoga class is such a mess in today’s world.

The very first advantage is that you can do it at your own home. And of course, you don’t have to practice the same boring exercises for the whole month. This program ensures a progressive experience and mind blowing weight-loss results in such a short span of time.

Each and every exercise/movement is designed by using the right strategy of getting that slim body.

Who Can Do This?

Yoga Burn program is designed especially for women of every age group. Even pregnant women can also do this.


  1. Yoga Burn is great for women as you don’t have to rush outside your house.
  2. You will be getting the modifications which you can do according to your preferences.
  3. Speeds up your metabolism rate without spending much time on workouts.
  4. You will surely become a better person than you were before due to the challenges you will be facing and overcoming during the sessions.
  5. The price value – According to the value that the program offers, the pricing is very good and much cheaper than your normal yoga classes/gym.
  6. The refund option – If you don’t find it useful or have any other issue regarding it you can avail for the refund within 60 days of the purchase and you will be getting your whole amount back.


  1. As the price is little, some people may not pay much attention to it.
  2. For completing a 45 min long session you will have to replay a 15min video three times in a row.


  • MONDAY– You will be starting with the 45min long foundational flow class.
  • TUESDAY – Active walking.
  • WEDNESDAY– A 45min long session of transitional flow.
  • THURSDAY – It’s a REST day.
  • FRIDAY– A 45min class from the mastery flow.
  • SATURDAY– Active walking.
  • SUNDAY– REST DAY or you can check tranquility flow class to keep your mind relaxed and happy.


Zoe Bray-Cotton is one of the most respected figures in the fitness industry & especially in the yoga world. Her work has helped thousands of women slim down, get healthier, and ultimately regain confidence in their bodies once more.

If you are a woman looking to slim down, tone your body, and enjoy yoga (or want to learn how to perform it), then there is simply no better option than Yoga Burn. Already, thousands of women have seen dramatic changes in their bodies, and you, too, can be the next success story.

If you’re ready to transform your body, you need to visit the official website and order Yoga Burn today!

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