Old School New Body Reviews 2022 | Let’s Explore The Program

The Old School New Body weight-loss programe is intended for persons over the age of 40. It can help people keep fit once they reach their forties and has several health benefits. let’s explore the program old school new body in “old school new body reviews“.

While preaching fitness after 40 is a bold claim, we’re here to assist you decide if the Old School New Body programme is perfect for you. Before we begin, we’d want to point out that it is possible to be in good condition and healthy after you’ve passed your twenties.

While it may be more difficult than when you were younger, you should never allow this deter you from accomplishing your fitness goals.

We’ll help you comprehend the programe, show you if it’s a fraud, and give you our recommendation based on reviews and an evaluation of the plan in our Old School New Body reviews. Continue reading to learn more about this programme and to see if Old School New Body is right for you!

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Old School New Body Reviews

Old School New Body Reviews

Old School New Body is an ingenious fitness programme for those over the age of 40. It’s an ebook that you may get from the author’s website. The plan’s general assumption is to help people lose weight by working out for 90 minutes per week. The plan incorporates a variety of workouts and allows for some personalization based on prior experience.

The approach is intended to assist older folks in getting into better shape and staying in fit for many years. While persons under the age of 40 can use the plan, we advocate a more strenuous fitness regimen if you are under the target age bracket. Because safety isn’t as important, and recuperation is quicker, you’ll receive better results.

Furthermore, the plan’s creators (Steve and Becky Holman) claim that modern training routines are damaging many people’s health. The inventors argue that this is due to the fact that elderly people need to utilise motions that have less stress on joints in order to avoid injury. While we thought this claim was bold at first, we admire the creator’s intention to protect others from harm.

The training is appropriate for persons in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and even 70s. It can even be used by adults in their 80s and 90s, as long as they have a complete range of motion.

Basically, it comes in a Digital version that is in the form of an e-book that contains each and every aspect of the program in a very comprehensive manner. Read the complete Article ” old school new body reviews ” before buying this program.

Wondering how a 90 min workout per week can be better for you than other long time-consuming programs?

Let’s find out the answer!

The authors say, today’s workout plans are way too long and require a lot of time and patience.

A 20-30 min time-friendly workout plan is more effective than those long, over 45 min workouts.

The word “Old School”

directly suggests the idea behind the program i.e. the Old- Fashioned work ethic and hard-work is also mandatory.

Although you don’t have to spend numerous hours on workouts, all you have to do is a workout for a little amount of time but do work hard.

Steve says that you don’t have to worry about the word “hard work”, She and Becky designed the program particularly for the people over the age of 35, 40, 50, 60, and even 70.

The plan is totally safe and designed essentially for older people. The core of the program lies in the F4X Method.

Next, you will know what’s does the F4X Method include in this article Old School New Body Reviews | Let’s Explore The Program.

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Let’s find out what’s does the F4X Method include

F4X stands for Focus4 Exercise Protocol. The protocol uses a very special approach towards the workout and it has worked for thousands of people and anyone can practice it regardless of their current fitness level. It includes 3 phases, each phase is designed to give your desired results.

Let’s find out what are the 3 phases;

  1. Phase 1- F4X Lean.
  2. Phase 2 – F4X Shape.
  3. Phase 3 – F4X Build.

Here’s the in-depth analysis

Phase 1 It is an entry-level programme designed to help you eliminate excess body fat by doing out three times each week. It consists of five workouts that last 30 minutes. You will need basic equipment for this step, such as a pair of dumbbells.

During this phase, the author claims to have lost 10, 25, 50, 100, or even more pounds. Aside from decreasing weight, you can also tone your muscles. Some people would prefer to stay in this phase indefinitely because the results in building desired muscles are so pleasant.

The designer recommends that you do not advance to the “Shape” or “Build” stages before you have achieved your desired degree of leanness or low body fat.

Phase 2This phase occurs when you want to add a little more muscle to your present mass in order to have a more balanced appearance and improved bodily functionality. F4X shape can include up to 9 exercises, which must be performed three times each week.

Steve and Becky inform you that once you’ve completed this phase, you can either stop and undertake maintenance or proceed to the next phase. It’s not uncommon for women or men to get overly obese and resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You can shed as much weight as you wish during this period since building more lean muscle implies burning more body fat.

Phase 3 It is improved to the F4X Shape phase, with a focus on increasing muscle mass. You can add 10, 15, or more pounds this way. In addition to targeting lean muscle, the training in this phase assists you in developing genuine, functional strength.

You may require a variety of equipment for this phase, such as barbells, plates, an adjustable bench, a pull-up bar, lat machines, smith machines, crossover cables, and so on.

To acquire such enormous body, you must train out extremely hard, use steroids, and follow a strict diet. At this stage, you must work out four times a week for up to 90 minutes. As a result, it may not be suitable for those with hectic schedules and limited time.

Next, we will know about the author in this old school new body Reviews.

Who is Becky Holman and Steve Holman?

Steve Holman has been the principal editor of the Iron Man Magazine for more than 25 years. He has written numerous books and articles on fitness, wellness and nutrition. And they have provided people with their desired results over the time.

Steve and Becky Holman created Old School New Body. The duo has been involved in fitness for decades; it was published as part of the John Rowley Expert Series. The Holmans have two daughters and have been married for nearly three decades.

Steve Holman began training when he was a child. He started at 119 pounds, which is relatively light for most lifters. Steve has also been the Editor in Chief of IRON MAN for over 25 years. This is one of Steve’s most popular books, although it is not his only one. He’s been publishing information like this for decades and will continue to do so as he learns new things. Steve has also interviewed a number of well-known athletes and bodybuilders, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Labrada, and others.

Becky Holman is a fitness dynamo who has been working out for many years. She maintains her own blog and frequently writes to IRON MAN. Becky had a hiatus throughout her pregnancies and while raising her two children, but she’s been working out regularly since turning 40. Becky’s physical fitness and mental acuity are a testament to the Old School New Body training approach.

Overall, Steve and Becky Holman are seasoned fitness aficionados who know their stuff. While they make some bold promises, they aren’t the typical “guru” types who peddle dubious courses. That’s something we really like about Old School New Body.

How is the Old School New Body Program better than other programs?

The Old School New body Program requires a very short amount of time for the workout as compared to other workout plans. It comes at an affordable price i.e. $20.

How is the Old School New Body Program better than other programs?

Old School New Body Manual (PDF)

The Old School New Body Handbook is the most significant component of the workout routine. The majority of the information utilised in the procedure is contained in the PDF ebook. The ebook goes into how the plan came to be, who Steve and Becky are, why the programme is safe, workouts to do, foods to consume, and much more. This is the majority of what you get with the Old School New Body curriculum.

Quick Start Guide for F4X

The F4X Quick Start Guide is also included in the package. The guide summarises the ebook and demonstrates the fundamentals of each phase (Lean, Shape, Build). However, before getting into the Quick Start Guide, we recommend reading the ebook first. While the guide is useful, it misses out a lot of important information and does a poor job of covering appropriate workout form.

Faster Fat Burning

Old School New Body also includes a bonus digital product that explains how to burn fat faster. The text is extensive, however only a few tips are included. It’s evident that this isn’t the most comprehensive collection of facts, but it’s still useful.

Increase Muscle Mass

The Build More Muscle Guide is another digital content included with the publication. This guide explains in depth how to gain and maintain muscle mass. While it is a quick guide, it contains some useful recommendations for anyone who want to improve their muscle mass and body.

Interviews on audio tape

Steve and Becky Holman are well-known members of the fitness scene, which has aided them in obtaining interviews with other fitness gurus. Furthermore, the Holmans have used their platform to distribute these audio recordings to anyone who have purchased the ebook. As a result, you receive access to fantastic interviews with celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Old School New Body includes a plethora of useful materials and workout regimens. While it is weak in nutrients, it is a good training regimen to utilise in conjunction with your preferred diet.

You get two Month money back guarantees

If you do not get the fastest results after using the plan for 60 days or you do not like the service or product or anything about the program then you will get your 100% money back.

Is the Old School New Body secure?

Yes, Old School New Body is a risk-free fitness routine. When older adults (40+) begin or resume working out, safety is a key worry. This is due to the increased frequency of injuries, and chronic pain can develop from injuries that do not heal adequately. Furthermore, injuries take longer to heal and can result in long-term difficulties. This combo has the potential to shatter workout programmes, outcomes, and motivation.

Old School New Body is safe because it examines all of these factors and has devised a strategy to address them. The regimen is divided into three 30-minute workouts rather than rigorous daily sessions. These workouts are gentle on the joints and quick to recover from. They’re also excellent for improving cardiovascular health and encouraging muscle growth.

Next, you will know Why is the Old School New Body so successful? in this article Old School New Body Reviews | Let’s Explore The Program.

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Why is the Old School New Body so successful?

Old School New Body has proven to be beneficial by giving a variety of unexpected health benefits. Once you begin your programme with the Old School, you will undoubtedly exceed your fitness expectations, and if not, you will easily achieve the aim of fat burning and weight loss.

The advantage of this programme is that it is simple to understand and follow the instructions. Every workout and activity is thoroughly explained with enough explanations and illustrations.

The curriculum progresses from a basic or easy phase to an advanced one. As a result, no one would have difficulty following through on it. Everything is in the proper order so that you can achieve the best outcomes in the shortest amount of time.

Because the programme includes resistance training, it assists you in achieving higher health benefits. You can go about your everyday activities without worrying about getting sick.

The workouts and activities in the Old School New Body programme can help you improve resistance by boosting insulin sensitivity and metabolism.

The fact that this book was created by specialists is its primary asset. The authors are expert fitness aficionados who have used their skills to design successful strategies.

Furthermore, Steve and Becky Holman have provided 5 Steps to Look 10 Years Young, which are detailed below:

Step 1: Stay away from low-fat diets.

Unlike others, the writers of Old School New Body stress the need of avoiding low-fat diets in the diet. According to them, lipids aid in the regeneration of power hormones such as testosterone. You can improve your strength functionality by consuming healthy fats on a daily basis.

Step 2: Stop running in circles.

Extensive cardio is not for everyone, and it also interferes with healing and hormone production in your body. As a result, the authors advise against it.

Step 3: Stop blaming your age for everything.

It is never too late to begin working on your fitness. You may attain your fitness goal no matter how you feel by using easy weight training and a balanced eating plan.

Step 4: Avoid Long-Term Dehydration

Drinking plenty of water helps you burn fat quickly and improves the quality of your skin. To achieve the ideal level of fitness, it is vital to consume an adequate amount of water on a regular basis.

Step 5: Exercise Less

The writers have suggested several specific activities that can be completed in a matter of minutes. To achieve the desired outcomes, they recommend doing these physical activities or workouts weekly for up to 90 minutes.

Next, you will know Does the Old School New Body Method Work? in this article Old School New Body Reviews | Let’s Explore The Program.

Does the Old School New Body Method Work?

Old School New Body can be effective. While only 90 minutes of exercise per week is required, it is sufficient time to reduce fat and build muscle. The good news about muscle building is that you don’t have to lift weights every day to achieve noticeable benefits. Instead, it’s all about working out for long periods of time and watching the consequences compound as time goes on. This is why so many people over the age of 40 benefit from the programme.

However, exercising out for 90 minutes per week, no matter how vigorously, is insufficient to lose fat when combined with a poor diet. It will not work for you unless you adjust your diet and stick to this programme. In fact, you may gain weight unexpectedly as your body adds muscle and fat to your physique. This is why, if you want to see benefits from this type of regimen, you must adhere to a healthy diet.

Still, there are methods to make this application a more useful tool. We propose that you follow the advice given in the course while also adding to it. Look for an excellent food plan that you can stick to and turn into a lifestyle. Then, make it a point to start exercising practically every day. Depending on your age, strive to do between 5,000 and 10,000 steps every day. This will increase your daily calorie expenditure, making the programme more successful and aiding in weight loss.

Next, you will know Who Is It Meant For? in this article Old School New Body Reviews | Let’s Explore The Program.

Who Is It Meant For?

Old School New Body is appropriate for persons between the ages of 50 and 75. While it is promoted as the ideal programme for adults over the age of 40, we disagree with the age range. 40 is not as old as it once was, and with a more comprehensive fitness routine, people in their 40s may get into the greatest form of their lives. As a result, this course is best suited to persons over the age of 50.

It can also become too difficult for persons over the age of 75. It’s more difficult to tell who it’s for among the elderly, but squats and bent-over rows can be difficult for some people in that age bracket. Keeping this in mind, it’s appropriate for adults aged 50 to 75 who desire a simple, easy-to-follow routine.

Old School New Body is also a wonderful course for injury rehabilitation. This is due to the absence of any lifts that are strenuous on the joints in the programme. As a result, users can use this course as a form of physical therapy to regain their complete range of motion. While it is not advertised as such, this is one of our favourite use for it.

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Next, you will know Pros of Old School New Body Program in this article Old School New Body Reviews | Let’s Explore The Program.

Pros of Old School New Body Program

  1. Easy on the joints.
  2. You don’t have to spend endless hours in the gym, it requires only 90 minutes a week.
  3. Suitable for everyone, of any age.
  4. It is scientifically proven that people who do workout for a shorter time go in a long run than people who workout for a long time.
  5. The price value is also affordable.
  6. Men and Women, both are eligible for this program.
  7. It comes with 2 guarantees, which makes the whole process insane and you feel more protected for your money.

Cons of Old School New Body Program

  1. Their advertising techniques are a little misleading, as you can’t reverse your aging process.


Old School New Body is a youth-enhancing and Body toning program customized particularly for men and women over the age of 35.

The cost of the plan is only $20. The plan consists of a diet and workout plan.

The key ingredient of the plan is the F4X Method. The method consists of 3 phases, named F4X Lean, F4X Shape, and F4X Build.

STEVE believes that if you do workout for a little amount of time then you’ll become more regular towards it, which is not so in the case of a Longer workout. So, they designed the plan in such a way that it requires only a 90 Min workout to be done in a whole week.

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