How To Lose Weight Cardio | Which cardio burns the most fat?

Are you looking for a sport to burn calories and gain tone while working your endurance? Look no further, cardio training is here. In this article, you’ll learn How To Lose Weight Cardio.

To lose weight, you have to destroy calories . In this little game, cardio training is a weapon of mass destruction. Based on the principle of endurance, cardio training attacks your reserves and helps you lose weight. Easy to practice, it is the ally of your diet and your figure.

Why choose cardio training?

Cardio training is a great way to keep in shape while improving your physical performance. Discover all the good reasons to get started. Cycling, swimming, running or rowing, cardio training is present in many sports activities and disciplines. It helps to improve cardiovascular capacities while remaining a fun practice. Cardio training has a beneficial and very effective impact on the body.

1. Cardio training contributes to weight loss

It requires intense effort practiced over a long period of time. During sustained cardio-training activity, the work of the cardiovascular system increases. Cardio-training is physical training requiring endurance, which contributes to the calorie expenditure involved in weight loss. For the latter to be significant, it is necessary to practice regular physical activity, supervised by a coach in addition to a balanced diet .

2. Cardio training is easy to practice

Cardio-training is practiced on equipment available in sports halls . But it can also be practiced outdoors and, in this case, it does not require a lot of equipment. For example, running is a cardio activity that only requires a good pair of sneakers . Cycling and swimming are also easy to do on your own. To obtain good results, motivation is a determining factor in the regular practice of a sporting activity .

3. Cardio training helps fight stress

Cardio training requires endurance and physical effort. Sports practice is an excellent way to fight against stress in addition to offering you an express line. Running, cycling, swimming are easy disciplines to practice, during which the brain releases endorphin, a hormone linked to pleasure. This endorphin secretion caused by cardio-training activity is a natural stress reliever that causes real physiological and moral well-being.

How To Lose Weight Cardio:

Small warning: does cardio training really make you lose weight?

How To Lose Weight Cardio

Remember that increasing our body’s energy needs and therefore driving it to use more lipid fuel does not necessarily lead to weight loss. First of all, it leads to increasing your “lean mass” , that is to say for the most part the muscles, which is an excellent thing, but the muscles are heavy and mean that you do not necessarily lose weight on the scale , even if the silhouette is slimmer. Then the appetite is increased and we eat more. On the other hand, moving your body also allows you to have more precise and more reliable food sensations … We can see that the question is therefore complex and it is better to recommend cardio-training more to feel better in your body, to be in good health. good health, than to lose weight.  

Cardio training methods

Even very beginners can practice cardio sports and gradually build up a home cardio exercise program , not necessarily in the gym.To start or to choose a simple and economical cardio training, nothing like choosing walking, fast walking, running (slow running, fast running), seeing a clever mix of all these activities! 

Start with a gentle conditioning

How To Lose Weight Cardio

•  Plan at the beginning 2 or 3 cardio workouts per week , spaced at least 1 day of rest . Spend 5 to 10 minutes warming up at the start, and 2 minutes stretching at the end. •  For your first cardio training sessions, which will increase your heart rate, maintain a comfortable heart rate (HR) between 50 and 60% of your HRmax. Remember that the maximum heart rate (FCm) corresponds to the maximum number of beats your heart is capable of, per minute. It is given by the formula: HRmax = 207 – (0.7 x age) or, less precisely, but easier to calculate: HRmax = 220 – age. 

You can measure it accurately with a heart rate monitor.•  Start where your body is, even a few minutes at first. Each week, you will progress , and be able to gradually increase the duration of your cardio training until you reach the minimum recommended 30 minutes of exercise .  

After a month, vary exercises and cardio intensities

How To Lose Weight Cardio

After 4 to 6 weeks of “fixed intensity”, you will vary the exercises and cardio sessions . For example, on 3 cardio workouts per week:•  start with a long session (over 30 minutes) at low intensity (30 to 40% of your HRmax).•  in second training, practice a short session (less than 30 minutes) at high intensity (80% of your HRmax).•  the third session will be of average duration and intensity: 30 to 40 minutes with 50% of your HRmax. 

Interval cardio for more weight loss

Varying cardio exercises and their intensity during the same session is the most interesting for  eliminating fat .This is called split or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which consists of alternating a high intensity cardio intervals and active recovery low intensity exercise . In 2007, 2 scientific studies in Australia and Japan showed that lipolysis (removal and use of fat by the body) was much more important in interval training rather than in continuous exercise. 

Your interval cardio training program

Among the cardio sports that are usually recommended for weight loss, the most popular are: running, treadmill, elliptical trainer, rowing machine, stepper, swimming, stationary bike. The most effective would be running or the elliptical trainer. Let’s opt for a running session, simpler and more economical, in interval training,

What are my 3 favorite cardio exercises?

My 3 favorite home cardio exercises are:

  • Burpees (those who take my Hiit Fat Burning online course on Shapin ‘already know this!). Indeed, it is a very complete exercise. Burpees allow you to work on your cardio of course, but also on coordination. In addition, they exercise the abdominal strap, glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. Finally, they allow to work the pectorals and the arms when a pump is added. 
  • Lunges and squats because they help develop the physical capacity of our lower limbs. In addition, they help strengthen our knee and ankle joints. Finally, they force us to stand up straight, thus working the lumbar muscles and the abdominal strap.
  • The skipping rope  that I unfortunately cannot include in my sports lessons on Shapin ‘. Indeed, it is not really recommended in an apartment! It improves endurance and strengthens explosiveness and agility. Also, it acts on posture and balance. Finally, it allows a beautiful activation of the muscles of the lower limbs, the abdominal strap and the perineum.

Special mention for the split on the track ! I have never had such good improvements in my cardio than thanks to my interval training sessions. Very difficult but formidably effective!

Does cardio at home make you lose weight or is it a myth?

How To Lose Weight Cardio

Yes, doing cardio makes you lose weight, but under certain conditions. First, you cannot lose weight if you are not in a calorie deficit. This means that if we take in more calories than we burn, we will not be able to lose weight. It is impossible and it is a sine qua non for weight loss. Second, you have to do the right kind of sports training to lose weight. Hiit (high intensity interval training) burns more calories than running, for example. Let me explain: when you run, the body will draw on the sugar reserves made available by the body thanks to the meals of the day before or the day, in order to find energy necessary for exercise.

During a session of hiit, the body will need to go further to draw on resources, especially fat, because sugar reserves will quickly be depleted. In summary, hiit makes it possible to demand even more our metabolism. Doing cardio at home or outdoors therefore actually makes you lose weight if you look at the previous two points. 

Hiit session of cardio

How To Lose Weight Cardio

hiit session is usually divided into different circuits of cardio and muscle building exercises. You can work different intensities on 3 circuits:

  1. 30 seconds of effort for 30 seconds of recovery
  2. 30 seconds of effort for 20 seconds of recovery
  3. 45 seconds of effort for 15 seconds of recovery

Then, we can select 2 exercises to work all parts of the body:

  • lower body: squats and lunges 
  • upper body: push-ups and dips 
  • abs: sit ups and mountain climbers
  • cardio: burpees and jumping jacks

You can alternate upper body and lower body exercises with cardio exercises.
Each circuit can be done 2 to 3 times with 1 minute of recovery between each. And here is a good circuit of hiit full body!

Tips for a successful cardio session at home and burn as many calories as possible? 

The best trick is to try to do each exercise hard, pushing yourself to the max. Indeed, this is the only way to progress. By surpassing oneself! Personally, I have never progressed as much as since I have been a sports coach because, from time to time, I have to push myself beyond my limits to show the exercises until the end! So when you think you’re going to let go, try to hold on for a few more seconds. By managing to hold on a little longer each time, you will quickly see good progress and your sessions will be really effective!

What are some common mistakes people make?

How To Lose Weight Cardio

I often see the people I accompany in coaching stop suddenly as soon as they are out of breath, or sit down. Mistake ! Try as much as possible not to stop suddenly! Indeed, your heart is beating at full speed. So walk, hop, catch your breath quietly but don’t stop dead. Because it is the best way to fall in the apples.
Another tip: don’t look at your feet! When you do a hard exercise, you tend to curl up and look down. Suddenly, you no longer think about your posture and you can quickly injure yourself. Remember to keep your posture until the end, look far ahead!
Finally, don’t forget to keep your abdominal strap sheathed during exercises. This is important because it is your abs that support your back.

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