How to Know Early Signs of Diabetes | Updated 2020

The early signs of diabetes can be very mild. Even when indications are common with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, the symptoms of type 2 diabetes are more difficult to identify. “The condition is starting to evolve in many people with type 2 diabetes, and they do not know that they have acquired it without screening.”. Millions of patients have diabetes who are not aware of it.

In fact, out of 29 million people in the U.S. who have diabetes, around more than 8 million are undiagnosed, according to the American Diabetes Association.

So, let us start from the basics and understand what diabetes really is and its early signs of diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus refers to a category of disorders that influence the body’s use of blood sugar (glucose). Glucose is vital to your wellbeing and it is an essential source of energy for the cells that make up the muscles and tissues. It’s also the primary source of food for the brain.

The root cause of diabetes varies by type of disorder. However, no matter what sort of diabetes you have, it will lead to extra sugar in your blood. Too high blood sugar will lead to severe health issues.

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What are the Types of Diabetes?

early signs of diabetes
  • Type 1 diabetes is a contagious disorder. The immune system targets and kills the cells in the pancreas where insulin is produced. It’s not clear what triggers the strike. About 10 % of people with diabetes are of this sort.
  • Type 2 diabetes happens because the body is immune to insulin and sugar builds up in your blood.
  • Prediabetes happens when the blood sugar is elevated than average, but is not high enough to diagnose type 2 diabetes.
  • Gestational diabetes is elevated blood sugar levels during pregnancy. Insulin-blocking hormones formed by the placenta cause this kind of diabetes.

An uncommon disease known as diabetes insipidus is not linked to diabetes mellitus, but it has a similar name. It’s another disease in which the kidneys drain so much fluid from your body.

Each form of diabetes has specific signs, causes, and therapies. Let us read more about it.,

What causes diabetes?

There are different causes that are associated with each type of diabetes

early signs of diabetes

Type 1 diabetes Causes!

Doctors do not know precisely what causes type 1 diabetes. For whatever cause, the immune system falsely targets and kills the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas.

Genes can have a role to play with certain individuals. It is also likely that the virus could cause an attack on the immune system.

Type 2 diabetes Causes!

Type 2 diabetes is a mixture of genetics and environmental factors. Being overweight or obese increase the danger. Carrying extra weight, particularly in your stomach, makes your cells more immune to the effects of insulin on your blood sugar.

This is a disorder in families. Family members share genes that make them more likely to develop type 2 diabetes and overweight.

Gestational diabetes Causes!

Gestational diabetes is the result of hormone changes in pregnancy. Placenta contains hormones that make the cells of a pregnant woman less responsive to the effects of insulin. This can trigger elevated blood sugar levels during pregnancy.

Women who are overweight while pregnant or overweight after breastfeeding are more likely to have gestational diabetes.

In, Next Step we will learn about early signs of diabetes.

What are The Early Signs of Diabetes?

early signs of diabetes

early signs of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes

  • Increased in urine output,
  • Excessive thirst,
  • Weight loss,
  • Hunger,
  • Fatigue,
  • Skin problems
  • Slow healing wounds,
  • Yeast infections, and
  • Tingling or numbness of the legs or toes.

Early Signs of Diabetes in Men!

In addition to the general impact of the disease, men with diabetes can have impaired sex desire, erectile dysfunction (ED) and low muscular strength.

Early Signs of Diabetes in Women!

Women with diabetes can also have signs such as urinary tract infections(UTI), yeast infections, and dry, itchy skin.

Gestational diabetes symptoms!

Many women with gestational diabetes have no symptoms. The disease is often observed during a routine blood sugar or oral glucose tolerance examination that is normally administered between the 24th and 28th weeks of gestation.

In rare cases, a woman with gestational diabetes can also experience elevated thirst or urination.

How to Treat Diabetes?

Doctors are treating diabetes with a few different drugs. Some of these medications are used by mouth, while others are available as injections.

Type 1 diabetes Treatment!

Insulin is the predominant treatment for type 1 diabetes. It substitutes a hormone that your body is unable to generate.

There are four types of insulin most widely used. They are distinguished by how easily they start working, and how long their results last:

  • Quick-acting insulin begins to operate within 15 minutes and works for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Short-acting insulin begins to function within 30 minutes and lasts between 6 and 8 hours.
  • Intermediate-acting insulin begins to function within 1 to 2 hours and lasts around 12 and 18 hours.
  • Long-acting insulin begins functioning a few hours after injection and lasts 24 hours or longer.

Type 2 diabetes Treatment!

Diet and exercise can benefit some people with type 2 diabetes. If dietary changes aren’t enough to lower your blood pressure, you will need to take medicine.

There might be a possibility that you have to take more than one drug. Any patients with type 2 diabetes are also taking insulin.

Gestational diabetes Treatment!

You will need to monitor the blood sugar levels multiple times a day during breastfeeding. If it is high, lifestyle improvements and exercise can or may not be enough to get it down.

Approximately 10 to 20 percent of women with gestational diabetes will require insulin to reduce their blood sugar levels. Insulin is healthy for a growing infant.

How to prevent diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes is not preventable because it is caused by an immune system problem. Any factors of type 2 diabetes, such as your genes or age, are not under your influence either.

The use of type 2 diabetes, such as your genes or age, is not under your influence either.

Yet several other risk factors for diabetes are achievable. Most diabetes avoidance methods include making simple changes to the diet and exercise habits.

If you have been diagnosed with prediabetes, here are a few measures you can do to postpone or avoid type 2 diabetes:

• Get at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week, such as walking or swimming.

• Take saturated and trans fats out of the diet along with refined carbohydrates.

• Consume more fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

• Try to have smaller portions of meals at a time.

• Try to lose 7 percent of your body weight whether you are overweight or obese.

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