Best Testosterone Booster Supplements 2021

Before you go any further and really know why you want to buy a testosterone booster, a little booster shot is in order. We will then focus on the actual function of testosterone in the human body and also what testosterone is used for in bodybuilding. Let’s find out more about it in this article Best Testosterone Booster Supplements 2021.

What are The Benefits of Testosterone?

What are The Benefits of Testosterone?

Testosterone is a steroid hormone, derived from cholesterol, which is produced mainly by the testes (gonads) and, in women, in smaller amounts thanks to the ovaries (although it seems that women are more sensitive to cholesterol).

In general, testosterone contributes to the proper functioning of our body and more specifically to our well-being. If you want to remember something, consider that this hormone balances (it is not the only one) of the nervous system.

What is Testosterone Used for in Bodybuilding?

As we have seen, testosterone is a vital hormone that would also be useful in bodybuilding practice. Indeed, this hormone is anabolic. That is to say, it will improve cell development by promoting protein synthesis and therefore, what interests us: muscle development. The problem is that as you get older the secretion of testosterone gradually decreases. It is important to act cleanly and naturally.

next, you will know “How to Boost Your Testosterone?” in this Article Best Testosterone Booster Supplements 2021.

How to Boost Your Testosterone?

To benefit from a good level of testosterone, the best is of course to adopt all the good practices that we recommend. All are essential and will at the same time contribute to maintaining a healthy rhythm of life in order to be in good health.

Signs of a lack of testosterone

Lack of testosterone can be dangerous and sometimes it is necessary to resort to medication if you are not careful. This deficiency can result in:

  • Difficulty in gaining muscle. We caution you: if you are having difficulty building muscle, it does not necessarily mean that you are testosterone deficient. There could be lots of other reasons for this;
  • Loss of muscle: low testosterone levels usually cause muscle catabolism;
  • An affected sex life: yes, we don’t call it the sex hormone for nothing. Testosterone is largely responsible for the state of sexual desire in men, which is why a lack of this hormone leads to a decrease in libido;
  • Gynecomastia: a drop in testosterone and a rise in estrogen in men can lead to breast growth in men;
  • Problems of sleep and anxiety: so here it is a bit like the snake biting its tail, because anxiety can lead to a drop in testosterone, a drop in testosterone can lead to anxiety; a drop in sleep causes a drop in testosterone and a drop in testosterone causes a degradation of sleep;
  • Male hypogonadism which is characterized by decreased sexual energy and general, increased sensitivity (depression). All this could result in erectile dysfunctions, fertility problems, loss of muscle mass …

Physical and sports activity

It’s simple, natural, and good for your overall health. Physical activity and sports increase the secretion of testosterone in humans. It is therefore recommended to exercise regularly without excess. Overtraining will have the opposite effect. If you have a slight testosterone deficiency, take the opportunity to review your training program and balance your week properly to benefit from the benefits of your sessions without suffering the consequences (excess fatigue, etc.).

Sleep, rest … and relaxation

Following on from what we said earlier about overtraining, poor recovery will be bad for your testosterone levels. Thus, to boost this anabolic hormone, it will be essential for you to sleep properly, rest, and relax. Many bodybuilders tend to rely on the words of former bodybuilders like Schwarzenegger who advised sleeping less in order to work more. This lifestyle will not suit everyone. The number of hours of sleep required varies from person to person per hour. In fact, studies show that we don’t get enough sleep. This causes nervousness, depressive states, and, consequently, a drop in the level of testosterone.


To be healthy, you need to eat properly. Nothing is more important than a healthy diet to boost your testosterone level. Firstly, because a balanced diet will provide you with a good level of energy and, as we have seen, the secretion of testosterone also depends on our physical state. On the other hand, there are also foods that boost testosterone like garlic, cabbage, eggs, avocado, oysters, etc.

Food supplements

Sometimes, even with the best will in the world, we fail to boost our testosterone. So, food supplements are a great solution to help you achieve this goal. Be careful, it is important to continue to eat, sleep and exercise properly. As their name suggests, they complement. They are not a substitute for physical activity and good nutrition. By the way, they are not drugs either.

If, however, you notice a very great lack of energy, strength and a significant loss of muscles, we strongly recommend that you consult a doctor for a blood test.

next, you will know “Why Boost Testosterone in Bodybuilding?” in this Article Best Testosterone Booster Supplements 2021.

Why Boost Testosterone in Bodybuilding?

There are many reasons to boost your testosterone in bodybuilding. Every bodybuilding practitioner is looking for its effects, which is why you should not neglect this aspect.

Testosterone helps build muscle faster. Indeed, this steroid hormone is also an anabolic hormone. This results in greater protein secretion and, therefore, better muscle development. Boosting your testosterone will then be excellent in mass gain and also in dryness because this will prevent you from losing muscle.

This hormone is so essential that some bodybuilders don’t hesitate to dope with powerful chemicals that put their health at risk just to boost their testosterone levels.

Better energy level

Better energy level

Testosterone is a key element to benefit from a good level of energy. It can be sexual energy as we often hear about it, but also energy as a whole. A good level of testosterone is often synonymous with greater vitality. This implies better endurance and better athletic performance. This is due to better oxygenation of the cells and an increase in blood cells. As a result, we will enjoy doing our sport after boosting our testosterone. Do not forget either that good oxygenation of the body promotes recovery. As a result, you will be less afraid of the aftermath of intense sessions.

More strength

More endurance is one thing. But strength is another. Indeed, a high level of testosterone increases tenfold strength. It facilitates the development of your muscle mass and also your strength. The two are intrinsically linked and necessary for a good evolution in bodybuilding.

For a mind of steel!

Yes! You are starting to find out. Bodybuilding is a sport where a fruitful mental state is essential. Many would be tempted to believe that testosterone makes you aggressive. It’s a bit of a cliché widely developed in cinema which is much more complex. Indeed, a good testosterone level (we are not talking about doping where the doses can be colossal) leads to a succession of good things for your mind: self-confidence and greater motivation. This is due to the restoration of homeostasis in your brain. Therefore, you will also be more focused on what you are doing.

next, you will know “Ingredients That Boost Testosterone” in this Article Best Testosterone Booster Supplements 2021.

Ingredients That Boost Testosterone

Nature is well made. It contains ingredients that help improve our life, our health, or our mind. Among these natural ingredients, there are those that boost testosterone. There are quite a few of them and some will be more effective than others. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • PLANTS: fenugreek, tribulus terrestris, nettle, maca, Korean red ginseng, ginger …
  • MINERALS: zinc (oysters, beef), selenium (tuna), magnesium …
  • VITAMINS: B (avocado) and D (eggs, oats)
  • OTHER: aspartic acid, luteinizing hormone, sex hormone binding globulin (SHGB)…

next, you will know “Criteria for Choosing a Testosterone Booster Supplements” in this Article Best Testosterone Booster Supplements 2021.

Criteria for Choosing a Testosterone Booster Supplements

Criteria for Choosing a Testosterone Booster Supplements

A testosterone booster cannot be chosen at random. To facilitate your selection, we give you essential selection criteria to obtain the testosterone booster that will suit you best.

Ingredients and composition of Testosterone Booster Supplements 2021

The two are inseparable. On the one hand, the ingredients are the keystone of your product. Without the right ingredients, and if possible natural, your testosterone booster crumbles. This is why we advise you to be vigilant. On the other hand, the composition forms the whole. It is the work of the researchers who developed the supplement to choose the right dosages and the right interactions between ingredients to benefit from greater effectiveness.

Maker’s of Testosterone Booster Supplements 2021

Here, we touch a complex area in the digital age where manufacturers of dietary supplements are popping up everywhere. There are tons of them and it’s hard to sort them out. We will have to act accordingly with the weapons at our disposal. Check the provenance of the testosterone booster you are purchasing and check the manufacturer’s history. Generally, a manufacturer who has more than a decade in the world of sports supplements is a good sign.

Testimonials and opinions of of Testosterone Booster Supplements 2021

Checking testimonials and reviews is a great way to learn about the quality of a product. Obviously, it is important to learn about what is on the paper such as the ingredients and the origin, that said, the feedback from consumers will give you a very good overview of what the product can provide you.

What Other Food Supplements to Take Your Testosterone Booster

Your goal is to gain muscle in a natural and safe way, right? So, to optimize your results and reach your goals faster, we advise you to combine your testosterone booster with other dietary supplements.

Pre-workout Supplement booster

Pre-workout Supplement booster

Excellent for giving you the essential boost to start a bodybuilding session in good conditions, pre-workout boosters will be really useful for boosting your level of energy, motivation, and concentration. In combination with a testosterone booster, you are sure to get top workouts to work your muscles optimally.

Whey Testosterone Booster Supplements

Is your # 1 goal to gain muscle fast? So combine your testosterone booster with Whey. This is one of the best combinations to increase the speed of development of your muscle fibers after a weight training session. Whey is a protein powder that will replenish and strengthen your muscle fibers after working your muscles. Testosterone is anabolic, that is to say, that it will also increase protein synthesis for maximum effect.

BCAA Testosterone Booster Supplements

BCAAs or branched amino acids are essential amino acids. Our body does not synthesize them. There are several kinds of amino acids that will form a protein. In this branch, we, therefore, find BCAAs. As our body does not manufacture them, it will be necessary to find them in the diet. However, food supplements provide a larger dose for their benefits. First and foremost, BCAAs will improve protein synthesis. We immediately see the link between testosterone boosters and their anabolic function. In addition, BCAAs are also excellent for improving recovery and increasing the energy level of athletes. It’s the winning combo! In this case, combining with a testosterone booster will give you an excellent level of energy. Your body will be at its maximum capacity and will build muscle over the long term.

next, you will know “Recommendations and Precautions for Use of Testosterone Booster Supplements 2021” in this Article Best Testosterone Booster Supplements 2021.

Recommendations and Precautions for Use of Testosterone Booster Supplements 2021

Unlike doping products, testosterone-boosting food supplements do not represent a health hazard. On the other hand, they may cause some unwanted and mild effects such as acne (mainly in the back) and a little hyperactivity.

We would also like to point out that testosterone boosters can cause iron deficiency. This is very rare, but we prefer to note it.

Likewise, testosterone boosters should be taken as a cure. This means two things:

  • You must follow the recommendations and dosage indicated on the box;
  • Like all cures, there is a beginning and an end. These supplements are not to be taken throughout the year. It appears that with continued use they can damage the kidneys;
  • During your treatment, try to take them at fixed times so that your body observes some kind of mechanism.

Have you wondered for a long time what is blocking you? What was stopping you from properly building muscle and having a super energy level while you stick to your weight training program to the letter with super diet? And if, the problem was elsewhere: you may be lacking in testosterone. To overcome this problem, testosterone boosters are a great solution.

So, for us, out of the question to let go in the jungle of the web without informing yourself about this type of product. We present to you a buying guide for the best testosterone boosters and much more.

Comparison of the 6 Best Testosterone Booster Supplements for 2021

Here is a list of the top 6 testosterone boosters according to AZBody. To establish this buying guide, we took into account the choice of ingredients, the quality of the ingredients as well as their synergy, the reputation, and legitimacy of the manufacturer, and also the opinions and testimonials related to these products. Finally, the price/quality ratio also comes into play.

1) Testo-max Testosterone Booster Supplements

Testo-max Testosterone Booster Supplements

Testo-Max is a testosterone booster developed by Crazy Bulk, the famous American dietary supplement manufacturer. They have to their credit many food supplements which are alternatives to doping products. It is a real success as their formulas are excellent. Testo-Max is therefore a food supplement that will boost your testosterone through natural ingredients. Crazy Bulk opted for heavy artillery because there are many compounds responsible for improving our testosterone synthesis:

  • Vitamin D3, K1, B6 to regulate the nervous system and improve our mind;
  • Magnesium, Boron and Zinc: It is important to know that we lose minerals when we exercise. This is due to sweating. On the one hand, magnesium improves the nervous system and on the other hand, zinc facilitates spermatogenesis and boosts testosterone;
  • Aspartic acid: an amino acid that promotes the production of testosterone and luteinizing hormones, themselves responsible for the production of testosterone;
  • Nettle leaf extract, Korean red ginseng and fenugreek extract: three plants involved in the manufacture of male hormones;
  • Bioperine: it will increase the bioavailability of all the previously mentioned ingredients. In a way, it will be the booster of the booster, because you will be able to better assimilate the ingredients to take advantage of their virtues.

According to Crazy Bulk, Testo-Max helps to build muscle dramatically, boost endurance and strength, have a better recovery. The manufacturer presents it somewhat as the healthy and safe alternative to Sustanon, a drug used as a doping product in bodybuilding. The supplement is in the form of capsules to be taken as a 2-month treatment.

Fitnessfact24 Opinion

Our opinion is positive towards this food supplement which we qualify as the best testosterone booster of the moment. It boosts testosterone effectively and you can feel it pretty quickly. Its main ingredient, aspartic acid, forms the cornerstone of Testo-Max, as it promotes the production of luteinizing hormones responsible for the production of testosterone. What is more, we find many natural ingredients which will also act in this direction. A real achievement on the part of Crazy Bulk for having designed an effective and safe product. An ideal supplement for men who want to gain good mass.

2) Testogen Testosterone Booster Supplements

Testogen Testosterone Booster Supplements

Testogen is one of the most popular effective testosterone boosters in the male dietary supplement market. It allows increasing muscle volume, to benefit from a gain in strength and endurance. The manufacturer “promises” to boost libido as well as sports performance. In its list of ingredients, we find the famous aspartic acid which is certainly the most effective natural molecule when it comes to boosting testosterone. Moreover, its list of ingredients happens to be much the same as that of Testo-Max.

  • Magnesium and Zinc: the classic duo found in the best testosterone boosters;
  • Vitamin D3 and K1: the studies are not yet clear enough on this level. That said, one thing is for sure, men who have a high level of vitamin D in their body have a higher level of testosterone. Vitamin K1 is said to be effective in strengthening bones. What interests us in this vitamin is that it improves the assimilation of vitamin D3;
  • Nettle extract, Korean red ginseng, fenugreek: three plants that will stimulate your body so that you can benefit from a higher level of testosterone;
  • Vitamin B6: it regulates the nervous system and will reduce your level of stress and fatigue. We know that stress, anxiety and depression are responsible for low testosterone levels;
  • Boron: this mineral would be responsible for a significant increase in our testosterone level if we consume enough. Testogen comes in the form of capsules. The manufacturer recommends taking 4 before breakfast. It is recommended to follow a 2 month cure to maximize the effects.

Fitnessfact24 Opinion

Testogen is definitely a working testosterone booster. It will be interesting to add this string to your bow to gain muscle. Its formula is effective. The natural ingredients used are very powerful and some, like Korean red ginseng, have been used for millennia in traditional medicine. The results are quickly felt. It will take between 1 and 2 weeks to realize this. We like the fact that this dietary supplement acts on the physique, but also on the mind, a key factor to achieve your bodybuilding goals. In short, this testosterone booster will be an asset for your development during your mass gain. The opinions and testimonials on Testogen are unanimous: you can go for it.

3) Prime Male Testosterone Booster Supplements

Prime Male Testosterone Booster Supplements

Here, we have to do with a food supplement that is aimed at all men who want to boost their testosterone (not just athletes). Prime Male is a 100% natural testosterone booster with an extremely enticing promise. The manufacturer promises many benefits:

  • Development of muscle mass;
  • More libido;
  • More energy and less fatigue;
  • Gain confidence;
  • Better concentration;
  • Eliminate abdominal fat;
  • Better cardiovascular health.

So how did they come to come up with a dietary supplement that could address all of this? By addressing three main areas: the luteinizing hormone, SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin), and the female hormones estrogen and prolactin. Among the ingredients are zinc, boron, magnesium, nettle leaf extract, Muscat pea, Korean red ginseng as well as vitamins B6, D3, and K2.
The supplement is in the form of capsules to be taken as a cure.

Fitnessfact24 Opinion

Prime Male benefits from a weighty muse: Dolph Lundgren, a movie star who has been seen in films like Rocky IV or the saga The Expendables. For many years, this Hollywood star has cultivated a perfect body and optimal health. This supplement brings him an excellent level of energy, it allows him to keep his muscle mass and he maintains an excellent libido. What we love about this supplement is its 100% natural composition. What’s more, the ingredients all benefit from studies to attest to their direct impact on testosterone levels. Prime Male is popular with its consumers, including us. It is a success.

4) Testo-Hardcore Testosterone Booster Supplements

Testo-Hardcore Testosterone Booster Supplements

Testo-Hardcore is a testosterone booster that stands out from its competition. Indeed, its composition is simple:

  • Vitamin B6: it plays a determining role in the body in many ways and in particular in the production of hormones. Its action on hormones regulates the nervous system in order to evolve in good conditions (dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, etc.);
  • Magnesium: we will not stop repeating it, magnesium is essential for our organism as much for our physical well-being as for our mental well-being. It participates in the good synthesis of proteins and hormones which will guarantee good muscle gain. Magnesium also regulates the heart rate as well as the nervous system. Thus, thanks to its effects, our body will be more able to increase testosterone;
  • Zinc: aphrodisiac mineral which has been praised for the libido for many years, zinc is found in seafood for example. It has been shown that if you don’t have enough zinc then your testosterone level will drop quite low. The concern is that by sweating (when we play sports in our case), we lose a certain amount of minerals, including zinc;
  • Tribulus terrestris (or terrestial tribule) is an extraordinary plant that is the subject of many scientific studies, because it has a lot of benefits. With regard to sport, studies have shown that this hormone improves sports performance. This is due to an improvement in the synthesis of steroid hormones in humans such as testosterone following its consumption. Likewise, it boosts other hormones to benefit from a better libido. It is recommended to take this testosterone booster as a cure 3 times a day.

Fitnessfact24 Opinion

Testo-Hardcore is a free electron in the land of testosterone boosters. This is what we like in addition to its efficiency. Instead of offering a rich and varied list of natural ingredients, the manufacturer focused on 4 ingredients, taking care to provide the optimal dosage for maximum effectiveness. Since this food supplement is consumed morning, noon and evening, its action will last throughout the day which is very appreciable. As you know, muscle building doesn’t stop after you finish your weight training session. Tribulus Terrestris is an ingredient that we love to take in the context of sport as its benefits are numerous. Reviews and testimonials about this testosterone booster are overwhelmingly positive. Last positive point: its price. This is because it is about half the cost of much other testosterone-boosting dietary supplements.

5) Testo-4HD Testosterone Booster Supplements

 Testo-4HD Testosterone Booster Supplements

Testo-4HD is a testo booster developed by Stacker-2 which integrates 2 complexes comprising 10 ingredients. The originality of its recipe made it successful. On the one hand, we find the first complex called Testo-4HD Complex consisting of Tribulus Terrestris, maca, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B6 and D3. This first composition corresponds exactly to what one would expect from a food supplement which increases the testosterone level. Then comes the second composition which includes:

  • Muira puarna: a medicinal plant native to the Amazon that fight against fatigue and sexual impotence;
  • Pink stonecrop or rhodiola: a revitalizing plant with multiple virtues used in cold countries;
  • Damiana (turnera aphrodisiaca): like rhodiola, damiana is an adaptogenic plant, it is also considered an aphrodisiac, in particular thanks to its action on hormonal secretion. As a result, it acts on our production of serotonin and testosterone;
  • From cultivated oats: excellent for balancing the nervous system.

Stacker recommends taking 3 capsules of Testo-4HD Complex during the day, then take 3 capsules of Stacker Testo-4HD Complex before bedtime. Thus, your body will be called upon continuously to boost your testosterone level. It is recommended to do a cure of 6 to 8 weeks and to observe a break after this cure to rebalance the body so that it does not get too used to taking this testosterone booster.

Fitnessfact24 Opinion

We really like this food supplement which increases testosterone in men. It more than deserves its place in our buying guide to the best testosterone boosters. Its advantage lies in its continuous action. Its two complexes are powerful and effective. The effects are felt from the first week of use and our energy level improves markedly, especially during weight training sessions. All the ingredients are 100% natural. This is what we are also looking for in food supplements. Its two complexes are well dosed and do not cause insomnia. Just a feeling of general well-being. This natural anabolic has become very popular in the bodybuilding world thanks to the notoriety of Stacker products. As you can imagine, consumers overwhelmingly give it the highest rating.

6) Animal Test Testosterone Booster Supplements

 Animal Test Testosterone Booster Supplements

You most certainly know the maker of food supplements Universal. Like the previous testosterone booster, Animal Test is divided into two complexes to be taken at the same time:

  • Pro androgenic complex;
  • Hypertrophy complex.

We find in the first complex of nettle, Cissus quadrangularis (a natural testosterone booster), polygonum cuspidatum, Agaricus bisporus (the famous button mushroom, it would inhibit an enzyme responsible for the conversion of testosterone into estrogen). This formula acts directly on male hormonal secretion including testosterone. As for the hypertrophy complex, the ingredients will rather have an action on contraction and muscle development. Among its ingredients are arachidonic acid, grapefruit, and Bioperine.

The product is in the form of a cure to be taken in 21 days.

Fitnessfact24 Opinion

Universal’s Animal Test convinced us. Its complex formulas to be taken every day in the form of a cure are powerful and act almost directly. It will be suitable for bodybuilders who wish to have an energy boost and who wish to gain more muscles. Universal is a serious manufacturer that has established itself in the world of dietary supplements with effective products. Although it is extremely powerful, we regret its price a little above average.

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